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444 Contract Negotiations update #1

Your AFSCME Local 444 Contract Negotiations team has begun meeting with both Management and our sister Local 2019 to determine bargaining ground rules. This is an important first step in the negotiations process where we are developing and setting the terms under which we will negotiate.

We have also developed proposals and continue to fine-tune the proposals for both our side table (444) and Joint bargaining (444 & 2019), which will begin as soon as the ground rules are finalized. As the proposals are put across the tables, we will include them in our Negotiations Updates to the membership and post them on our website.

If you would like to receive updates at another e-mail address (i.e. non-district), please fill out the CONTACT US form.


The members of the 444 negotiation team are:

John Briceno, President and Chief Negotiator

Ruben Rodriguez, 1st VP

Tyrel Jackson, 2nd VP

Robert Lopez, Treasurer

Joe Pangelinan, Chief Steward

Eric Larsen, Member Relations Secretary

Dwight George, Executive Board at-large


The 2013-2017 MOU can be downloaded from the MOU tab on the left.


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