Nominations for the following positions were taken at the June Membership meeting:

  • 1st V.P.:
    • Ruben Rodriguez (uncontested)
  • Member Relations Secretary:
    • Eric Larsen (uncontested)
  • Sargent-at-Arms:
    • William “Bill” Giovannetti
    • James “Jim” Porter
  • 2 Executive Board at-large positions
    • Marvin Aceituno
    • Jeremy Ballejos
    • Wesly Bush
    • Eddie Cheung
    • Gistan “Stan” Williams
  • Trustee
    • Gary Goins
    • Mike Matamoros

Ballots will be sent to your home address and tallied at our July meeting

The next AFSCME 444 General Membership meeting is Thursday, July 21st 5:30 in the Council 57 meeting room - 80 Swan Way, Oakland.

AFSCME Local 444 - 2016 Stewards Training


  1. Officers Report

    1. Treasurer’s Report

    2. President’s Report

    3. Report of 1st and 2nd V.P.

    4. Chief Stewards Report

    5. Other Officers Reports, Committee Reports and Reports of other meetings attended by the membership

    6. B.A.’s Report

  1. Old Business

    1. Election Results

    2. Any other Unfinished Business of the Local

  1. New Business

    1. Any New Business of the Local

  2. Members’ Forum

    1. Issues of Concern of the Members of the Local to Air

  1. Good and Welfare


80 Swan Way, Oakland, CA.



The 2013-2017 MOU can be downloaded from the MOU tab on the left.


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