1. Labor/Management - monitor and discusses issues of importance to the union/management and its union brothers and sisters.

    Meets 3rd Thursday monthly.
    John Briceno (chair)
    Gerald Hunter
    Tyrel Jackson
    Felix Heurta (BA)
    Eboard guest

2. Contracting Out—monitors all contracting out issues Fights to keep 444 jobs for 444 members.

3. Newsletter/Website—writes and publishes newsletter and website, which contains information, news and links of interest to 444 members.

4. Community Outreach—develops and implements a plan of action to foster, improve and promote 444 and its members within the neighborhoods that we live and work.

    Meets as necessary

5. Retirement—monitors and reports to the membership on the status of our pension plan.

6. 401K/457—monitors and reports to the membership the status of our fidelity plans.

    Meets quarterly.
    Gerald Hunter
    David Correa

7. Joint Safety—Reports and monitors on the local safety committees, makes suggestions on how to expedite safety concerns, holds workshops and training.

    Meets 3rd Wednesday, every other month.

8. Equipment Certification—monitors all changes and meets with district about all equipment certifications.

    Meets as necessary.

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