Many useful guidance manuals can be found on the AFSCME International website: AFSCME publications

and additional resources for grievance handling here


Online Resources for Stewards

See the FORMS tab at left for Grievance Forms
AFSCME Steward Handbook -
Meyers-Milias-Brown Act -

On EBMUD’s intranet:
Civil Service Rules - http://ebmudnet/employee-relations/civil.htm
Policies - http://ebmudnet/office-of-the-gm/cnts.htm
Procedures - http://ebmudnet/office-of-the-gm/procedures/proctoc.html
Required Safety Practices - http://ebmudnet/Regulatory-Compliance/WHS-RSPs/RSPsNumb.htm


From the desk of Felix Heurta:

New Ruling on Personal Use of Cell Phone for Work Related Business

Outsourcing is Out of Control

Race to the Bottom

Tax Payer Empowerment

Beeson, Tayer and Bodine’s new letter


Affiliated Labor sites:

AFSCME International

AFSCME Council 57

Alameda Central Labor Council


Additional unsanctioned labor links:

Facts for Working People

Oakland Socialist



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